Our training courses focus on workable competency-based solutions, helping our clients to design a high-impact strategy and implement competency-based programs for your organization. Competency-based training are the most recognized approach to define your talent’s skills gap and improve organizational performance. Competency-based approach can improve the outcomes from every stage of your talent management lifecycle. Our main concern is developing a capable workforce for our clients. Our structured customized training Programs are challenging, stimulating and designed to provide participants with access to modern knowledge delivered by experienced training consultants. Our training programs offered also as in-house courses.

Focusing Training areas

• Management and Leadership • Interpersonal Skills and Self Development • Administration and Secretarial • Sales and Customer Service • Procurement and Warehousing • Media & Public relation • Banking, Insurance and Financial Services • Accounting and Finance • Human Resources and Training • Project Management • Quality and ISO Management Systems • Food Safety • Health, Safety and Environment • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management • Municipalities Development



DETC is an innovative training and management-consulting firm, enabling organizations to make significant growth and sustainable improvement & profit.

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